Komodo Dragon

By Thundercloud Repairian

Don’t get bitten by a Komodo dragon or you will be beaten

You will die and rot and fade away then you will be eaten

Komodo dragons slink around

On Komodo Island they are found

If you see a Komodo, run please do

Thundercloud's drawing of a komodo dragon
Komodo dragon drawing by Thundercloud

Not let a Komodo dragon bite you

Or you will fester and rot into the ground

Eaten by a Komodo dragon if it is around

You will be able to buy this poem and more in the latest poetry anthology for children that I am writing. The anthology is a book of animal poetry for boy titled Sea Horse Medicine: animal poetry for tomorrow’s men.

The book will have a selection of my own illustrations that I’m also currently working on.

Seahorse drawing
Seahorse medicine illustration by Thundercloud Repairian

Komodo Dragon on YouTube