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The flea and the dinosaur
The Flea and the Dinosaur book written and illustrated by Thundercloud Repairian

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When I was just a little boy, my mummy read to me the books by A. A. Milne and his poetry.

I’m older now but as a kid I was worried see. What happened to the mummy of James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree.

The poem is disobedience and I wondered everyday what happened to his mummy, why did she go away?

I wrote this for my mummy because I love my mummy see. Reunited with his mummy was James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree.

A monster ate my mummy by Thundercloud

James James Morrison Morrison Whetherby George Dupre
Said to his mummy don’t go out please do not disobey me
James James Morrison said
“Mummy please don’t go out
You might get eaten by a monster
I hear there’s monsters about

A monster ate my mummy
one day when she was out
she went down to the bank
to get some money out

A monster ate my mummy
she didn’t make any noise
she was  at the ATM
behind some little boys

A monster ate my mummy
it wasn’t really fair
I think it was because
my Mummy had such colourful hair

A monster ate my mummy
I want my mummy back
so I’m going Monster hunting
and down that monster I’ll track

A monster ate my mummy
And this is what I did
In a tree beside the ATM
I climbed it and I hid

A monster ate my mummy
I jumped upon its back
I cut the monster open
And got my mummy back

A monster ate my mummy
I said to my mummy
You must never go to the ATM
Without consulting me.

Because a monster ate you mummy
It wasn’t in my head
Uncut you from a monsters guts
James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree said




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