Thundercloud Repairian: Washing away the garbage and leaving behind rainbows.

Thundercloud is currently very very busy. He has created the “Australian Poetry Hall of Fame” in Guyra, So he has a lot of work to do to get “The Greatest Show on Earth” happening on the grand opening day of 20th September 2020.

It is going to be magnificent. There will eventually be an archive and museum but the first stage involves moving into the old unused Arcadian Theatre. Then opening the gift shop and emporium to get some income, next start teaching classes of writing  and performance. Stage 2 will involve decorating the grand theatre with art of our greatest poets and their poetry too, there is also an audio video archive of indigenous languages planned to ensure preservation of “Songlines” because our languages matter.

There will be art on the walls, decorated halls, galas and balls and many curtain calls.

@ Thundercloud’s Australian Poetry Hall of Fame in Guyra the coldest town in New South Wales

Thundercloud Repairian AKA James Arthur Warren was a Nimbin based educator, poet, artist and writer. Thundercloud is currently working on a new children’s book titled Happy Harry Koala. The book will be used to raise funds to plant koala forrest linking corridors and ripairian zones along rivers and creeks.

Thundercloud’s first book The Flea and the Dinosaur is a children’s book, fully written and illustrated by Thundercloud is available to Buy Now at lulu.com

Love in Nimbin” and “Lust in Nimbin” are his two volume poetry anthology Love and lust in Nimbin.

Thundercloud has just released his lasted book Poetry to End Prohibition 420 2020 edition and you can have a free look this book at Amazon now.

Thundercloud was finalist in the 2017 Nimbin Performance poetry World Cup, and placed third in the 2019 Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Competition with “The Darling is Dying.

Thundercloud is an environmental scientist and socio-cultural educationalist. Through his writing and the Nimbin underground “slam poetry” scene Thundercloud has established himself as a formidable revolutionary consciousness lyricist.
He is currently working on his preparing and publishing ten books which includes another children’s book and three books of animal verse for kids, “Seahorse Medicine”. Thundercloud is a father of three sons whom he has always enjoyed telling stories. And comes from Atlantis.

“Thundercloud writes poetry that you will keep resonating with you for days”

10% of the profits from all of Thundercloud’s creative efforts go to the Thundercloud Repairian Forest Fund to plant trees.

Thundercloud: Washing away the garbage and leaving behind rainbows.

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