Thundercloud Repairian: Washing away the garbage and leaving behind rainbows.

Thundercloud Repairian AKA James Arthur Warren is a Nimbin based educator, poet, artist and writer. His first book The Flea and the Dinosaur is a children’s book fully written and illustrated by Thundercloud is available to Buy Now at lulu.com

“Love in Nimbin” and “Lust in Nimbin” are his two volume poetry anthology Love and lust in Nimbin.
A finalist in the 2017 Nimbin Performance poetry World Cup, Thundercloud is an environmental scientist and socio-cultural educationalist. Through his writing and the Nimbin underground “slam poetry” scene Thundercloud has established himself as a formidable revolutionary consciousness lyricist.
He is currently working on his next three books which includes another children’s book and a book of animal verse for kids. Thundercloud is a father of three sons whom he has always enjoyed telling stories to and lives in his magical colourful double decker bus, Atlantis.

“Thundercloud writes poetry that you will keep resonating with you for days”

Thundercloud: Washing away the garbage and leaving behind rainbows.

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