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The sounds of silence

In my daily morning meditations, I often contemplate the noise in the silence and have never found a truely quiet place. I’ve spent the last few years travelling and in the bush after living in the city in Brisbane for eleven years. In the bush the noise of the insects, frogs and birds can be almost deafening especially on a hot summer’s day when the cicadas are all singing in harmony. However the city is totally different, at 4am in the morning there is a silence of the natural world due to the loss of biodiversity in the city but the unnatural sounds are there. A motor hum, a buzz, a ping, wi-fi, creaky door, squeaky floor, drone, drone, drone, drone, drone, drone. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The silence is within you. Silence is an awarerness of noise.

The sounds of silence

Quieten your mouth and just sit on down

Hear the silence is filled full of noise

With an awareness of all that goes on around

Distant school ground, hear yelling boys

A barking dog, birdsong, and a car driving by

A cricket, a frog, dripping tap

In silence there’s noise of the wind in the sky

The words in my head are a rap

I turned off the tap and dripping noise ceased

A truck’s airbrake gave a loud groan

A trickling creek, the waves on the beach

Loud music in somebody’s home

But silence is just an awareness of noise

When sitting in peace and in quiet

I found silence in me and outside is the noise

Even in the middle of the night. 

Copyright 2019 James Arthur Warren


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Big Kev
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Big Kev the Kookaburra

This morning when I got up there were a lot of birds hanging about the spilt compost bin. There were four bush turkeys, three magpies, a pied currawong and this kookaburra of which I managed to get a few good photos. I like to listen to the messages from the animals and when I am attuned in and calm then the messages flow. 

One of the things I have noticed living in the bush and also being an early riser, is that the kookaburras are often the first birds to wake and anounce their presence in the very first light of the day. I was born in the Chinese year of the “cock” and love the birds. I often wondered what the kookaburras were saying each morning but now I think they are just yelling out “Yip yip yip yipeee its awesome to be alive in this awesomely beautiful world and I am awake to celebrate it, yiiiiippppppeeeeeeee”

This morning’s message comes from Big Kev the Kookaburra

Big Kev the Kookaburra had a lot of need

Big Kev the Kookaburra had a lot of greed

Big Kev the Kookaburra was always swooping down

Picking snakes and lizards up sunning on the ground


Kev Kookaburra wasn’t always a big fella

It started when magpie called him Yella

Kev Kookaburra Yelled “I’m not afraid”

The magpie had meant the noise he made


Kev Kookaburra yelled’ “I’ve got what it takes

I eat lizards and I eat snakes

I’m not scared and I won’t die

I eat snakes, I’m one tough guy.


Kev Kookaburra gave a loud shout

Swooped down and ate a water dragon laying about

Swallowed it into his tummy

Said to the magpie, “that was yummy


I’m going looking for more to eat

There’s plenty of lizards and snakes to eat

He flew above the dusty track

Snakes sunning themselves in the outback


Kev Kookaburra found so much feed

He couldn’t control his pride and greed

When Kev Kookaburra came back

His stubbies wouldn’t cover his bum crack


Kev was heavy and weighed down

His belly stopped him flying around

He sat around, could fly no more

Watched TV sitting on the floor


“I showed you magpie, I’m not afraid

See the empire I have made

There’s so much more than I need

Could not fulfil my pride and greed


Got so much stuff in my life

I can’t fly now I’ve lost my wife”

Kev Kookaburra was now a real heav

The magpie renamed him Big Kev


Big Kev the Kookaburra the magpie said

You can’t fly now you will be dead

If one of those snakes comes along

You’ll never sing your happy song


Big Kev Kookaburra will be snake food now

Big Kev can’t get off the ground

Big Kev the Kookaburra said, “I don’t want to die”

I really enjoyed to swoop and fly


I want to be like I was before

Not big and fat sitting on the floor

Big Kev yelled, “I’ve had enough”

Pride and greed are not that tough


“I’ve seen the error of my way”

Only eat what I need to fly each day

He gave up beer and cream cakes

Now only eats occasional snakes


He’s fit and healthy now you see

Wakes up with the sun and sits in a tree

Each morning Kev gives a great big shout

“Eat well Is what life is all about”


He laughs about the error of his ways

How he’s happy and healthy always these days

Big Kev Kookaburra flies once more

Swoops and flies and he can soar


Big Kev the Kookaburra laughs about it now

How once he was fat like a cow

But now he’s free to fly and soar

Big Kev the Kookaburra is a fit fella sure.

Big Tree
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Supplanting: Working from the roots up

To supplant: verb, meaning to replace and bring about higher knowledge through subversive means, working from the roots up to plant seeds and nurture the conditions for growth and change into higher life forms. 

Thunderclouds bring rains that sprout the planted seeds

Thunderclouds bring rains that grow the trees for free.

For me it is important I nurture thee with food.

Loving words to inspire you encourage you to good.

I wrote the following piece so you might plant a tree

Because you can grow a forest just like me.


Supplanting Trees

A tree was standing beside the road, the next day I came along.

The tree that once was growing was cut down and was gone.

I asked a Woman standing there what happened to the tree?

they cut it down to build a road and suburbs answered she.

A forest grew beside a lake to the north of the city

They cut it down now you can buy land at North Forest Lake cheaply

Roos love open forest but Farmers use a chain

to clear all the scrub and round up they are spraying


A place that once grew trees is now dry and bare

A field, a road, a roof, a fence no trees to clean the air

There was a man who planted seeds and trees in the ground

A lush green forest grows there now  it’s no longer Dusty Brown

You can plant a seed and grow a forest too

Repair the Earth, grow homes for birds and beautify the view

if we cut down all the forest there will be no falling rain

but when we plant trees and seeds lusciousness grows again


big tree stump
giant old tree stump


Thundercloud Repairian AKA James Arthur Warren is a Nimbin based educator, poet, artist and writer. His first book The Flea and the Dinosaur is a children’s book fully written and illustrated by Thundercloud is available to Buy Now at

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Henny Penny

Lessons from Henny Penny

You get out what you put in.

I remember as a young man hearing the story of Henny Penny who planted wheat to grow seeds to make bread for her family. Every time she wanted help the other animals were too busy to help. However, when the bread had been baked all the animals wanted to have some but Henny Penny didn’t give them any bread because they hadn’t helped.

I wrote this poem to expand on the lessons of Henny Penny.

Henny Penny

Henny Penny planted seeds but no one would assist

They said it is a good idea so Henny did persist

The seeds they grew to wheat and trees, rye and barley too.

Henny Penny planted these and ate the berries blue

The others smelled the cooking bread and gathered round in lust

Give us some you selfish hen the farmer gives us dust

I only have enough to feed the ones that I can trust

I made enough for all that helped to harvest sow and crush

You saw me plant and carry water, working in the hot

You could have helped, we would have enough for all but now we’ve not

Myself I need the energy to plant a row of seeds

Here have some crumbs. It’s all you get. What lazy people need.

Henny built a humble home for all her family

Her door was always open to visitors for feeds

The selfish ones watched from afar with envy lust and pride

Coveting the simple things like Henny’s hot fruit pies

Henny would be nice to you when you’re not a selfish jerk

Hot fruit pies and fresh baked bread for those that do the work

A rattle snake came along and offered her some money

She laughed said to go away. I can’t eat that it’s funny

You want a piece of glory of God’s delicious bread

Now you offer gold and coins when I wanted help instead

You can use the money to buy some new fruit trees

Or you could help and climb that one and pick the seeds for free

The Earth provides us everything in abundance and in joy

The fruits of all my labour are for my children to enjoy

You can get this poem and more like it from my book “Love in Nimbin” Book 1 of Love and Lust in Nimbin available by at fantAsian Eatery, Nimbin or by mail order for $19.95 AUD plus postage. You can place an order by emailing Thundercloud at