Transcending sound and light

The space inside my mind Transcends space and time

Faster than the Speed of light, inner sight delight

Of the patterns of sound vibrating all around

Then world Peace is found within hours of towers and showers of glass as lies pass for truth

And turn to abuse of the millions of Muslims who died from the lies of the world wide network of military spies

And babies in fields of opium yields

Guns for oil and paid for with Toyota wheels

So Towers fall and 20 years later the crumbling walls

Of empires in decline as their time passes like sands through hour glasses

Neros and Ceasars, Emperor No clothes Diseases

Pedalling beer, fear, hated and a veneer of suspicion for a year

Til whack, thwack smack as the people slap back under attack from lack and systems crack

Crumble, rumbling anachronism tumble

Archaic fumbling mumbling politicians bumbling

Cold. Summer brings snows and blows away theories and climate change goes

To be shown a manipulated false fear like Co Video Games drink Corona beer

But the love from within inspired from above is the dove of love and living in love is the peace in each and in easy reach

But begins in the heart of each and every single one of us

As we yield to the toroidal vortex within the quantum field and

Amplify magnetize, vibrations rise and the electrical flow of energy rise

To the time, divine all fine from the bliss inside this divine vessel of light and delight

To Take Flight, day and night

Transcending space time mind through

Vibratory sound and light


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