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For ending military and war. Legend of the Bombagund full version.


For all humans to live in peace and without fear of death from war would be the goal.

For all humans to thrive free from from militaries controlled by governments and investment company profits, this would be the goal.

For all humans to have opportunities to experience joy, peace and the opportunities to thrive.

For all humans to have equal opportunities without structural barriers.

War! I could let it drive me insane but I don’t. There are many things in this world that I do not like and do not understand. I could focus on that but instead I want to focus on what it can be like.

Imagine a world where there are no armies or militaries with weapons. Imagine a world of peace where there are no people killing or hitting one another. Imagine a world where everyone respects each other and each other’s differences. Imagine a world where energy is free from an antennae which can be scaled at any size. Imagine a world where universal transport is free because there are craft that can levitate using free energy. Imagine a world where fruit and vegetables are organically grown and harvested by robots and robots do all the tedious repetitive work leaving humans to have vast amounts of social time where there are festivals and dances. Imagine a world without money.

The following poem was written from a future perspective when there is peace all around the planet Earth.

Legend of the Bombagund. 


Henceforth the sloothan warp was hest. 

No more warp kiel est.

Legend of the Bombagund. 

Peace now reigns but the rivs were blud. 

Over there in future Earth, 

Father tells his son a story. 

“Long ago the rivs were blud”

“This story will be gory.”

Henceforth the sloothan warp was hest. 

No more warp kiel est.

Legend of the Bombagund. 

Peace now reigns but the rivs were blud. 

Warrender came in a gust of whoosh.

Against no warp did he push,

The Pushers and their rivs a blud. 

All lay down the bombagun. 

The bombagun henceforth no gotten

But the rivs a blud are not forgotten. 

The peace now rigns not the bombagund

Warps rivs a blud no longer run. 

Henceforth the sloothan warp will never. 

Warp kiel est no more ever. 

Legend of the bombagund. 

Peace now reigns and the rivs are love. 

Warrender stood between the others. 

He said, “Hey warps, kiel me yor brutha”

The Warps they answered, “Why? But no.”

“There’s rivs a blud upon the snow”

“ These bombagund no need have gotten 

but the rivs a blud are not forgotten”

Warrender came to heal the Earth 

And the rivs now run clear rainbow birth. 

Henceforth they stopped the rivs a blud. 

And the rivs now flowing rivs a love. 

Warrender stopped the Bombagund

And the rivs a blud no longer run. 

“ Tell me dad. What’s a Bombagund?”

“Twas a machine to make the rivs a blud run son”

Henceforth the sloothan warp was hest. 

No more warp kiel est. 

Legend of the Bombagund. 

The rivs now flow clear rainbow love. 

Legend of the Bombagund Part 2

Boloxum flumoxed through the air. 

The sound of skringing everywhere. 

The smell of scrotch upon the nose. 

The sprooshelness it stained the clothes. 

Warrender Whoosshed into the land. 

There was rivs a blud upon the sand. 

Warrender called “ Hey Warps! Yes. You!”

“The Bombagund is killing you”

The Warps answered “We don’t want no more.”

“The rivs a blud the bluddy war.”

“We do not think that war is funny,

But we’ve invested lots of money. 

“How can we stop the Bombagund

So the rivs a blud no longer run?”. 

Warrender said, “The Bombagund ground them down”

“Make a huge pile far from town”

“Ground them down and make no Warp. 

Destroy Bombagunds forever more. 

They piled the Bombagunds up high. 

A giantzilla pile up to the sky. 

They took the biggest Bombagund. 

The very last unrusty one. 

Warrender flew above the pile. 

Warrender and the warps all smiled. 

They dropped that last big Bombagun. 

The very last unrusty one. 

Then the bombagund was never more. 

The rivs of blud upon the shore. 

They stopped and never ran again. 

The warps they all became good friends. 

Henceforth the sloothan warp was hest. 

A pile of molten metal was left. 

Warrender stopped the warps somehow.

They made robots, tools and homes and ploughs. 

No rivs a blud across the Earth 

Just peace and love a new rebirth. 

Henceforth they stopped the Bombagunds

Warps rivs a blud no longer run. 

The sloothan warp was gone forever. 

The Bombagun kiel est no more ever. 

Warrender stopped the killing and fear. 

And the Bombagunds all disappeared. 

Warrender left when the warp was over

And the rivs a blud washed from the clover. 

The grass was green, the snow was white. 

There were no Bombagund flashes at night. 

Boloxum cleared from the sky. 

The singing birds were heard up high. 

The acrid skroortch it left the nose. 

The rivs were clean to wash the clothes. 

Henceforth the sloothan warp was hest. 

No more warp kiel est. 

Legend of the Bombagund. 

Peace now reigns and the rivs are no longer blud. 

Legend of the bombagund Part 3

The warps began so long ago.

No warp could remember no blood on the snow.

No warp could remember how it began

Or a reason for why the rivs a blud ran. 

The warps were divided into two teams. 

The red and the blue ununited it seems. 

Warrender could see through this fake separations

Of the haves and havenots  and the patriot nations. 

Warrender could see through the blue-red warp fear. 

That their profits would lower if Bombagunds disappeared. 

The Bombagund makes all people frighted

The rivs a blud on the snow make us very ununited. 

“If you must kiel est, kiel me” Warrender called. 

“If you want blood on the sand, I’m willing to fall.

I I stand here a human between two Warp Teams.

Blow me into pieces, make me into baked beans.” 

“The Blue Warps and Red Warps, why is you fighted?

You are human like me, why ununited?

My blood it runs red and blue in my veins. 

We all bleed the same, we all feel pains. 

The sloothan warp Is hest not grand. 

The blood must be washed from the snow and sand.

The solution is simple, it’s called NOTARM

Warrener yelled out, “It’s do no harm”

Notarm the people on the Earth. 

Notarm each other a new peaceful rebirth. 

Hencefrom  notarm and all sit united. 

Compassionate solutions not selfish fighted. 

Henceforth no blud be spilled on ground. 

We’ll sit in love all gathered round. 

No warps, no more, no Bombagund. 

And the rivs a blud will no longer run. 

We’ll hest the sloothan warp hence now.

No more kiel est some how. 

Destroy every single bombagund.

So the rivs as blud no longer run. 

The Last Bombagund

Hakido walked towards the sun. 

He looked about and did not run.

At night he’d sleep upon the ground. 

Boyhood was lost and manhood found.

He’d swim in creeks, eat from the land,

Till he came to the ancient forest grand. 

The leaves were high the trees were tall. 

The rainforest birds gave a welcome call.

The canopy closed with no sunlight. 

The little hairy men came out at night. 

“Hakido you’ll come with us. 

We want to show you this old bus. 

“The bus is hidden in a cave. 

You’re a man now you can be brave. 

They walked up to the sacred mountain. 

The thunder clouds rained down a fountain. 

The cave was huge, cathedral rocks. 

Of stalactites, crystal outcrops. 

Hakido was despeeched. Eyes didn’t deceive. 

Twas a machine Hakido could not percieve. 

He said to the little men, “Why you trick us?”

What is this machine? It is not a bus.

“You brought me in here what is this found?

Is this the very last Bombagund I have found?”

He picked up the Bombagund he walked outside. 

He aimed it. He fired it. The forest was fried.

A skringing sound, sprushelness, boloxum and splatter. 

The forest black flattened like a nuclear flatter.

Hakido screamed when he opened his eyes. 

He’d never experienced such bad-sprise. 

The Bombagumd scroortch made a big dis-inter-figure

A crater and boloxum dust when he pulled the trigger. 

It cut through the forest blackened and fried. 

Left a scar and a crater 500m wide

Hakido yelled, “My eyes don’t deceive

Death and destruction, dead Earth I percieve. 

“Is this the very last Bombagund I have found?”

“This must be destroyed, must be broken down.

It’s not my decision. It belongs to the tribe.”

We must sit in circles colective decide”

“This Bombagund thing is a kiel est machine. 

If it gets out people might become mean. 

We’ve peace now on Earth we all live with love. 

This Bombagund thing could destroy all of the above. 

Hakido put it back into the cave. 

The hairy men said, “you are so brave.”

Hakido returned home from his walk about. 

A man now the tribe gave a joyous shout. 

Henceforth I have decision news. 

There’s one Bombagund  left. No lies. I tell trues.

Decision time now. We must be brave. 

I left it hidded up there in the cave.

Thundercloud daddo tell us Hakido said. 

The Legend of the Bombagund. The one in your head. 

Tell us about the Bombagund I have found.

Thundercloud gathered the whole tribe around. 

Henceforth from before Thundercloud sayed

The blue and red teams with Bombagunds played

Bombagund machines came from Warps who supplied.

The sloothan warp, rivs a blud so many died.

It all came down to just one man

The one called Warrender who whooshed into the land

Between the Blue and the Red Warps he stood all alone

And he brought World Peace to the Earth all on his own

Henceforth the sloothan warp was hest

No more warp Kiell est 

Legend of the Bombagun

Peace now reigns but the rivs were blood.

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