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What’s a “bogan” dad?

The term “bogan” is a term that originated in Australia and has been used to describe a particular subculture within the country. The word has been in use for several decades and has undergone a number of transformations in meaning over time.

The exact origin of the term is uncertain, but it is thought to have first been used in the 1970s as a slang term to describe a person who was perceived as being unrefined or lacking in taste or cultural awareness. This person was typically seen as being working-class and having a distinctive Australian accent. The term was often used to describe people who lived in the suburbs or outer regions of cities, as well as those who were involved in motor sports or other working-class pursuits.

Over time, the meaning of the term “bogan” has evolved and become more complex. While it still retains its original connotations of being unsophisticated and lacking in taste, it has also come to be associated with a particular subculture that is often seen as being rowdy, loud, and unrefined. This subculture is often associated with heavy drinking, partying, and other forms of reckless behavior.

Despite the negative connotations associated with the term, it has become an important part of Australian cultural identity and is widely used in the country. Many Australians embrace the term and use it in a self-deprecating or humorous manner, while others find it offensive and view it as an insult.

In recent years, the term “bogan” has become more widely known and has been used in other English-speaking countries. While its meaning and usage can vary in different countries, it remains a key part of Australian cultural identity and continues to be a subject of interest and debate.

In conclusion, the term “bogan” has a complex and evolving history in Australia. While it continues to be associated with negative stereotypes, it is also an important part of the country’s cultural identity and is widely used in a variety of different contexts.

Barry is a bogan known to his mates as Bazza

Bazza’s shag is a sheila called Sharon aka Shazza

They have a daughter named Karen, nicknamed Kazza

Daren is their son, often called Dazza

Now Bazza, Shazza, Kazza and Dazza live in Logan

Shazza has a loud voice, is never quietly spoken

Dazza loves billies but Kazza loves tokin’

Joints, VB, Commodores and Winnie Blue smokin’

Every night you’ll find Bazza at the pub

With his best mate known as “Grub”

Who walks along the street pickin’ up ciggie butts

Grub has this habit of playing with his nuts

Grub likes bare feet and Bazza wears thongs

When they’re pissed they love singing AC/DC songs

Cooking snags on the barbie with a pair of tongs

While Shazza and her girlfriends pack the fellas’ bongs

Dazza drifts his commodore around street bends

Kazza is always swearing and often offends

Bazza loves the massage parlour with his Asian girl-friends

An extra fifty bucks always ensures happy ends

By Thundercloud Repairian

This poem is meant as pure satire and if anyone takes offence, eat a bag of cement and harden up.


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