Ticked off

In martial arts, the way of the peaceful warrior reigns supreme and small with loving intention can defeat large with destructive intentions.
The first thing I learnt about self defence was how to block.
Then I learnt to step aside and avoid the attack.
Next I learnt how the momentum of the attacker can be used to disable the attacker.
Finally I learnt how to heal.
Let’s take something tiny like a tick. Ticks are
Small but can carry disabling bacteria and parasites in their bite.
First it’s important to block the tick with Rose geranium, rosemary and tea tree .
oil. Then keep an eye out for them crawling little buggers and get them off before they bite into you. If a tick bites, and you find it, don’t scratch it and apply some tea tree oil or tiger balm to make it back out and die. Then using tick pullers or tweezers grab it and twist anti clockwise while pulling.
To heal. Put the tick between your teeth and crush it up, then spit it out.
If you have access to homeopathic ixodes, take a dose.
Do not scratch the tick bite or area about the bite. Instead boil water and wet a tea towel, wring it out being careful not to burn yourself and apply the Tea towel and hot as you can stand . Repeat when necessary or have really hot showers in the affected area. Just don’t burn yourself and this should relieve the itching for a couple of hours or more. Because tick bites are full of pathogens it’s important to alkalise yourself through diet, breathing and vitamin c.
Drink distilled water with lemon juice in the and super oxygenate your blood using the wim hof technique twice a day and also intensify your meditation yoga, stretching in order to promote lymphatic movement and stimulate your immune system into overdrive.
Become the tick.
There is also a native australian treatment of spotted gum, bloodwood and gum tree resin which is used to treat tick typhus.


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