The Party Party Party

Party Party Party Vote 1 Thundercloud for President of the Party Party Party

The Party Party Party is here to save the day

Join the Party Party Party and have a happy day

The Party Party Party wants everyone to thrive

To dance and sing, play music instead of just survive

The Party Party Party will make a three day week

So everyone is happy and working at their peak

Then we will make sure that all people get a raise

To have extra money for partying on the extra weekend days

End all prohibition and get rid of unjust laws

Dismantle the armed forces and end all the wars

End ownership of land and rent free where you live

Everyone will have a home, another thing we’ll give

Everyone a job to repair the damaged land

The Party Party Party has a plan that’s grand

Vo te the The Party Party Party is here to save the day

Join the Party Party Party and have a happy day

The Party Party Party wants everyone to thrive

To dance and sing, play music instead of just survive

If you’re sick of dinosaurs this is what I say

Vote the Party Party Party and the dinosaurs fade away

We’ll open up the borders so you’re free to move about

Tax the Corporations and chuck income tax out

Give everyone a pay rise and more than a basic wage

Make all education free and lower the retirement age

Give everybody annual leave of at least six weeks

For resting and recovery, bush walks and swims in creeks

The Party Party Party we have an awesome plan

Come join the Party Party Party, happiness for all our plan

The Party Party Party is here to save the world

For peace and joy and freedom of every boy and girl

The Party Party Party when we win we’ll have a dance

With lights, music and good food, you can wear your Party Pants

So that you can party, do you want to know what else

The Party Party Party will give Universal Free Health

Care for every man and woman, every boy and girl

Join the Party Party Party we are here to save the world

With our loving and our caring, our joy and bliss compassion

Let’s make a better world as happiness is our passion

We are the Party Party Party and we have disco lights

Vote the Party Party Party you’ll love our Party Nights

WITH The Party Party Party your mind will be set free

And the Party Party Party will legalise LSD

Our policy is simple to nurture and do no harm

To love and care for all the Earth, to End All Wars, Disarm

And then we all can Party On in Peace and all will thrive

When the Party Party Party wins will be a great day to be alive

So come and join the Party you can have a Party too

The Party Party Party for the people and the planet too

Because we know you’re tired of the left and right inaction

We’ll uniify the Earth and every single faction

With the Party Party Party you will party day and night

To celebrate the end of wars and all humans unite

To live in peace and harmony let’s make the change this year

Let’s make compassion the norm and eliminate all fear

So come on everybody act now with your heart

Join the Party Party Party and let the Party start


Ticked off

In martial arts, the way of the peaceful warrior reigns supreme and small with loving intention can defeat large with destructive intentions.
The first thing I learnt about self defence was how to block.
Then I learnt to step aside and avoid the attack.
Next I learnt how the momentum of the attacker can be used to disable the attacker.
Finally I learnt how to heal.
Let’s take something tiny like a tick. Ticks are
Small but can carry disabling bacteria and parasites in their bite.
First it’s important to block the tick with Rose geranium, rosemary and tea tree .
oil. Then keep an eye out for them crawling little buggers and get them off before they bite into you. If a tick bites, and you find it, don’t scratch it and apply some tea tree oil or tiger balm to make it back out and die. Then using tick pullers or tweezers grab it and twist anti clockwise while pulling.
To heal. Put the tick between your teeth and crush it up, then spit it out.
If you have access to homeopathic ixodes, take a dose.
Do not scratch the tick bite or area about the bite. Instead boil water and wet a tea towel, wring it out being careful not to burn yourself and apply the Tea towel and hot as you can stand . Repeat when necessary or have really hot showers in the affected area. Just don’t burn yourself and this should relieve the itching for a couple of hours or more. Because tick bites are full of pathogens it’s important to alkalise yourself through diet, breathing and vitamin c.
Drink distilled water with lemon juice in the and super oxygenate your blood using the wim hof technique twice a day and also intensify your meditation yoga, stretching in order to promote lymphatic movement and stimulate your immune system into overdrive.
Become the tick.
There is also a native australian treatment of spotted gum, bloodwood and gum tree resin which is used to treat tick typhus.


A Monster ate my Mummy

When I was just a little boy, my mummy read to me the books by A. A. Milne and his poetry.

I’m older now but as a kid I was worried see. What happened to the mummy of James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree.

The poem is disobedience and I wondered everyday what happened to his mummy, why did she go away?

I wrote this for my mummy because I love my mummy see. Reunited with his mummy was James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree.

A monster ate my mummy by Thundercloud

James James Morrison Morrison Whetherby George Dupre
Said to his mummy don’t go out please do not disobey me
James James Morrison said
“Mummy please don’t go out
You might get eaten by a monster
I hear there’s monsters about

A monster ate my mummy
one day when she was out
she went down to the bank
to get some money out

A monster ate my mummy
she didn’t make any noise
she was at the ATM
behind some little boys

A monster ate my mummy
it wasn’t really fair
I think it was because
my Mummy had such colourful hair

A monster ate my mummy
I want my mummy back
so I’m going Monster hunting
and down that monster I’ll track

A monster ate my mummy
And this is what I did
In a tree beside the ATM
I climbed it and I hid

A monster ate my mummy
I jumped upon its back
I cut the monster open
And got my mummy back

A monster ate my mummy
I said to my mummy
You must never go to the ATM
Without consulting me.

Because a monster ate you mummy
It wasn’t in my head
Uncut you from a monsters guts
James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree said


Self Development 101

To develop the self it is essential to quieten and take control of the mind. This requires discipline and practice such as meditation and acceptance through gratitude. Self development also requires a goal and plan to achieve the goal. However, self development also requires a purpose, a desire and lust for a better life.

Life for me is about creation, to live, love, and make a difference in the world. I have hopes dreams and aspirations for a better world. I only have one real mission nurturance of life. With this in mind, I live with universal acceptance through gratitude for the all and observe the Source in all living things.
I want to be healthy, happy and love.
This is true abundance and manifests in the ability to love thy self and the world around us.
By the creation of your own heaven on Earth you transcend the bounds and chains of programming and belief systems.
You belief is how you “be-in-life”
Your words are your beliefs so if you say bad words then you make a “bad-life” purely by your spoken words.
You can change that by be-loving.
This part of the word “lief” means in German , “love” so the word belief means be-love.
If you be mean, be hateful, be angry, be scared that is your attachment to that way of seeing the world.. You are in love with being a victim, being shameful, holding guilt, drama, being proud, being judgemental. You don’t have to be-that, you can be-hopeful, be-kind, be-accepting, be-love, Be grateful, be nurturing, believe in love.
You can be anything you want to be if you do it.

I like to begin each day with the practice of gratitude and today when I awoke and meditated, the following poem came out.

I’ve hopes, plans, goals and dreams
So many wonderful things ahead it seems
Loving joyful aspirations
To be healthy fit is my inspiration
I used to drink and smoke my life away
But I quit so I’d be healthy today
Was fat and sick no plans in life
Then got single and quit my wife
To write and draw is in my plan
To be strong and a fit healthy man
Be the best version of me
An example for my sons to see
Live in the now and not the past
Holding on just makes pain last
Have no fear if you talk kind
Walk tall but humble grow your mind
Live well live long and life enjoy
Play, create, have fun like a little boy

Because I don’t want to be a lonely bitter sick old man.

It also helps to use your calendar and a to do list but that’s another whole article.