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Supplanting: Working from the roots up

To supplant: verb, meaning to replace and bring about higher knowledge through subversive means, working from the roots up to plant seeds and nurture the conditions for growth and change into higher life forms. 

Thunderclouds bring rains that sprout the planted seeds

Thunderclouds bring rains that grow the trees for free.

For me it is important I nurture thee with food.

Loving words to inspire you encourage you to good.

I wrote the following piece so you might plant a tree

Because you can grow a forest just like me.


Supplanting Trees

A tree was standing beside the road, the next day I came along.

The tree that once was growing was cut down and was gone.

I asked a Woman standing there what happened to the tree?

they cut it down to build a road and suburbs answered she.

A forest grew beside a lake to the north of the city

They cut it down now you can buy land at North Forest Lake cheaply

Roos love open forest but Farmers use a chain

to clear all the scrub and round up they are spraying


A place that once grew trees is now dry and bare

A field, a road, a roof, a fence no trees to clean the air

There was a man who planted seeds and trees in the ground

A lush green forest grows there now  it’s no longer Dusty Brown

You can plant a seed and grow a forest too

Repair the Earth, grow homes for birds and beautify the view

if we cut down all the forest there will be no falling rain

but when we plant trees and seeds lusciousness grows again


big tree stump
giant old tree stump


Thundercloud Repairian AKA James Arthur Warren is a Nimbin based educator, poet, artist and writer. His first book The Flea and the Dinosaur is a children’s book fully written and illustrated by Thundercloud is available to Buy Now at

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