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Body Positivity and Objectification Isn’t All Bad

When I looked in the mirror last year I didn’t like what I had become…..weak and overweight. This was not like how I want to see myself and it’s also not how I want other people to see me, As a father of sons and also a public figure it’s important to present an image of health and wellness as I have always been one to lead by example and not one to tell other people how to live their lives. I also have a father who has been a very good role model of what can happen when unhealthy dietary habits catch up on you as he had part of his bowel removed when I was young due to diverticulitis. So in my teenage years I adopted healthy eating such as fruit for breakfast and avoiding high energy, nutrient deficient processed food. One of my majors was environmental pollution and health so I have always tended to eat healthily and avoid chemical pollutants.

This year, 2023, I have leveled up my health and fitness training because I didn’t like the look of my reflection nor the numbers on the scales. So I restarted swimming 2 or 3 times per week, I am lifting in the gym 3 or 4 times a week as well as my daily breathing, meditation and yoga routine. I have also begun eating less bread and high glycemic index foods. The results are showing and although I’v only lost about 4 kilograms, most of the fat has been converted to muscle so I am visibly slimmer and stronger.

Why am I telling you this? The Guyra Ag Show is coming up and there are prize categories for Guyra Show Girl and Guyra Show Guy, I said half joking (because in all humility, I think I’d have a good chance at winning) that I could go in it to a friend. She was horrified and ranted about how the Australian of the year got her award for the work she’s done about “stopping the objectification of people. ” She was so insenced by the “Guyra Show Guy” competition that she said she was going to write to the “Guyra Show Society” She’s wrong, the Australian of the year is documentary director Taryn Brumfitt who leads the Body Image Movement, an Adelaide-based organisation that teaches people to look after, love and appreciate their bodies. It is a body positivity movement that Taryn Brumfitt leads.

This lead me to doing my own research on the objectification of people and looking at both sides of the argument. I will begin by arguing why the objectification of people can be harmful and then I explore arguments why is is OK for a man to objectify himself and then how self objectification by women is sexually empowering.

Why objectification of some people is harmful.

The objectification of individuals, regardless of gender, is a harmful practice that reduces a person to nothing more than a physical object for others to admire or desire. However, the objectification of men and women is different in both its form and consequences.

The objectification of women has been a widespread issue for centuries and is still prevalent in today’s society. Women are often objectified through the media, advertisements, and other forms of popular culture, where they are shown as passive objects for the male gaze. This type of objectification often sexualizes women’s bodies and reduces them to nothing more than objects for sexual pleasure. The consequences of this type of objectification can be damaging to a woman’s self-esteem, self-worth, and can lead to a negative body image.

On the other hand, the objectification of men is a more recent phenomenon that has been brought to light in recent times. Unlike the objectification of women, which often sexualizes their bodies, the objectification of men tends to focus on their physical strength and athleticism. This can be seen in advertisements and media that depict men as strong and muscular, promoting a particular type of masculinity. While this type of objectification may seem less harmful, it can still have negative consequences. For example, it can contribute to the pressure on men to conform to a particular body type, leading to anxiety and body shaming.

Furthermore, while both men and women are objectified, the consequences of this objectification are not equal. The objectification of women is often tied to sexism, misogyny, and the patriarchal system, which is why it can lead to gender-based violence and discrimination. On the other hand, the objectification of men is tied to toxic masculinity and the pressure to conform to traditional masculine gender roles, which can lead to harmful behaviours such as aggression and the suppression of emotions.

In conclusion, the objectification of men and women is different in both its form and consequences. While both are harmful, the objectification of women is can be tied to sexism and misogyny, while the objectification of men can be tied to toxic masculinity. It is important to acknowledge these differences and some people think it is important to work towards ending the objectification of all individuals, regardless of gender. This could be achieved through the promotion of body positivity, challenging harmful societal norms and expectations, and educating people about the harmful consequences of objectification.

How self objectification by men promotes body positivity.

The objectification of individuals, whether it is someone else objectifying them or themselves, is often seen as a negative and harmful practice. However, there is a growing argument that self-objectification can be a positive and empowering experience for some individuals, including men. In this essay, I will argue that it is okay for a man to objectify himself and explain why.

Self-objectification is a process in which an individual evaluates themselves based on their physical appearance and sexual desirability. For men, this can involve striving for a particular body type or physical appearance that they believe will make them more attractive to others. While this may seem like a negative practice, some argue that it can be a form of self-expression and a way for men to assert their individuality and control over their bodies.

For example, some men may objectify themselves in order to feel more confident and assertive. By focusing on their physical appearance and striving to achieve a particular body type, they may feel a sense of pride and empowerment. This can lead to improved self-esteem and a more positive body image, which can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Moreover, self-objectification can be a way for men to express their sexuality and explore their sexual desires. By focusing on their physical appearance and sexual desirability, they may feel more comfortable and confident in their sexual identity and expression. This can lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable sexual life, which is an important aspect of overall well-being.

It is also important to note that self-objectification is a personal choice and individual experience. While it may not be right for everyone, it is important to respect an individual’s right to choose how they want to present themselves and express their sexuality. The pressure to conform to traditional masculine gender roles can be harmful and restrictive, and self-objectification can provide a space for men to reject these norms and assert their individuality.

In conclusion, while the objectification of individuals is often seen as a negative and harmful practice, it is okay for a man to objectify himself. This can be a form of self-expression, a way to assert individuality and control over their bodies, and a way to explore their sexuality. As long as it is a personal choice and not used to harm others, self-objectification can be a positive and empowering experience for some men.

Can Self Objectification by Women be Sexual Empowerment?

The objectification of individuals, particularly women, has long been seen as a negative and harmful practice. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards a more accepting and even celebratory view of women who objectify themselves. This essay will explore why it is becoming more acceptable for a woman to objectify herself.

One reason is the rise of the body positivity movement, which encourages individuals to love and embrace their bodies, regardless of shape or size. This movement has challenged traditional beauty standards and encouraged people to see their bodies as something to be celebrated rather than criticised. This has created a more accepting and inclusive environment for women who choose to objectify themselves, whether it is through posting sexy selfies or showing off their bodies in tight-fitting clothing

Another reason is the increasing visibility and representation of women in popular culture, who objectify themselves. From music videos to reality TV shows, women are increasingly presenting themselves in sexually suggestive and provocative ways. This has led to a normalisation of women objectifying themselves, and a greater acceptance of this type of self-expression.

Furthermore, the rise of social media has allowed for women to have greater control over their self-presentation and objectification. Through platforms such as Instagram, women can curate and control their online image, and choose to present themselves in a sexually suggestive or objectifying way if they so choose. This has given women greater agency over their self-expression and has made it more acceptable for them to objectify themselves.

It is also important to note that self-objectification can be a form of empowerment and self-expression for some women. By choosing to present themselves in a sexualised or objectifying way, they are asserting their individuality and control over their bodies. This can lead to a greater sense of confidence and body positivity, which can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

In conclusion, it is becoming more acceptable for a woman to objectify herself due to the rise of the body positivity movement, the increasing representation and visibility of women who objectify themselves in popular culture, and the greater control and agency provided by social media. While self-objectification may not be right for everyone, it is important to respect a woman’s right to choose how she wants to present herself and express her sexuality.

Poetry: When Body Positivity Meets Gaslighting.

When body positivity meet gaslighting. (Satire) While researching for the above article I came across some phrases used to promote body positivity and also some phrases used to “body shame” and thought what would happen if you combined the body positivity phrases with the body shaming phrases. This is meant purely as satire.

“You are beautiful just the way you are but you’re too skinny/fat”

“Your body is amazing and you need to lose weight”

“Although you’re not toned enough you are worthy of love and respect, regardless of your size or shape.”

“Your body is a temple with love handles and cellulite treat it with care and respect.”

“You are more than your appearance and your flabby arms and legs.”

“Your body is strong and capable even with a muffin top.”

“Embrace your unique features, imperfections and thick waist, they make you who you are.”

“Focus on what your body can do, not your small breasts, big butt and double chin..”

“Health and happiness are more important than any physical characteristic like your ugly face”

“Your body is a work of art with a big belly, created perfectly for you.”

“Be kind to yourself and your body, it’s the only two you have. “

“Your body and thunder thighs are a reflection of the amazing person you are.”

“You need to work on your abs and acne but you are enough, just as you are.”

“Every body is a good body except that you have bad posture.”

“Your body is a source of pride and joy with a pot belly”

“You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your own dry, flaky and wrinkly skin.”

“Celebrate your body for all the amazing things it allows you to do like sit and watch TV.”

“Focus on nourishing and loving your body, not changing your flat butt.”

“Your body is perfect in its own unique way with that squashed face and no teeth. “

“Remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes even very wide hips.”

And that is that…. Except the last thing that I wanted to say is that we are currently in the most unhealthily obese period in human history with over 50% of the entire population of the planet overweight or obese. That sure is one big opportunity for improvement. Stay well and let me know what you think in the comments.

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AI History of Surrealism Poetry and Human Created Poem- Psychedelic Cow

I’ve just been playing around with ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence app which writes pretty much whatever you ask it. I’ve had it create a 3 day poetry festival event management plan, and a draft program, a marketing and advertising plan, a list of 10 Australian Poetry Societies and organisations and more.

I decided to get it to do more complex tasks and ended up with the following two questions and associated answers. :

Create a list of topics to cover in a 2 hour workshop on poetry performance

Create a list of topics to cover in a 2 hour workshop about “Writing from Personal Experience”

Next I wanted to see if it could research and “write 1000 word essay about the history of surrealism poetry” and sure enough right before my very eyes it began to write the following 1000 word essay. The following 1000 words were created at by asking the following question.

Surrealism is a cultural and artistic movement that emerged in the early 20th century. It is characterised by a focus on the subconscious, the irrational, and the fantastical, and is known for its use of symbolism, metaphor, and other literary devices to create a sense of disorientation and dreamlike imagery. In poetry, surrealism is known for its use of free association, symbolism, and a disregard for traditional forms, syntax and grammar.

The origins of surrealism can be traced back to the early 20th century, with the publication of the French poet André Breton’s “Surrealism and Painting” in 1924. In this book, Breton defined surrealism as “pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought.” This definition was a rejection of traditional forms of poetry and art, which Breton felt were too limited in their ability to express the full range of human experience.

One of the key figures in the early days of surrealism was the poet and artist Guillaume Apollinaire. Apollinaire was a major influence on the development of surrealism, and his work was characterised by its use of free association, symbolism, and a disregard for traditional forms. His poem “The Joy of Life” is considered to be one of the earliest examples of surrealist poetry.

Another key figure in the early days of surrealism was the poet Paul Eluard. Eluard’s poetry is characterised by its use of symbolism and metaphor, and its focus on the subconscious and the irrational. He is considered to be one of the most important poets of the surrealist movement, and his work continues to be widely read and studied today.

The first official Surrealist group was founded in Paris in 1924, led by André Breton. The group was composed of poets, artists, and intellectuals who shared a common interest in the subconscious, the irrational, and the fantastical. The group held regular meetings and exhibitions, and their work was characterised by its use of free association, symbolism, and a disregard for traditional forms.

Surrealism quickly spread beyond France and became a global movement, with groups forming in countries such as Belgium, Spain, and the United States. In the United States, the poet and artist Wallace Stevens is considered to be one of the major figures of the American Surrealist movement. His poetry is characterised by its use of symbolism, metaphor, and a disregard for traditional forms, and it continues to be widely read and studied today.

Surrealism had a profound impact on the world of poetry, and it continues to be a major influence on poets today. The focus on the subconscious, the irrational, and the fantastical has led to a renewed interest in the power of symbolism and metaphor in poetry, and many poets continue to explore these themes in their work. The use of free association, symbolism, and a disregard for traditional forms has also led to a renewed interest in experimental forms of poetry, such as concrete poetry and visual poetry.

In conclusion, Surrealism poetry is a cultural and artistic movement that emerged in the early 20th century characterised by a focus on the subconscious, the irrational, and the fantastical, and is known for its use of symbolism, metaphor, and other literary devices to create a sense of disorientation and dreamlike imagery. The movement was led by André Breton in France, and quickly spread globally to have a profound impact on the world of poetry, influencing poets and artists to this day. With its disregard for traditional forms and syntax, it has led to a renewed interest in experimental forms of poetry.

Now for the bit that you are waiting for: Actual Surrealism poetry. Last week I wrote a bit about a psychedelic cow and I think thats about the most surreal thing that I’ve written recently.

She was a cow

In the here and now

Ate a lot of grass

Let it pass out her ass

Every day she ruminated

As she was so fated

She’d walk to the shed

Milked, and fed

But her world went BOOM

One day when she found and ate a mushroom

Became a psychedelic cow

Didn’t understand how

Life became so great

She began to create

Cow poetry, and art

Continued to fart

And belch methane

But inside her brain

We’re so many thoughts

Like, “why don’t cows play ball sports?”

A psychedelic cow

Had horns on her brow

Loved to surf

Farmed her own turf

Enslaved the farmer

For a Hindu cow… Karma

Made him work the field

To increase the turf yeild

And also pull the plough

The psychedelic Hindu turf farm owning cow

An interesting cow

Sat on a tree bough

Thinking, “I’m woke”

“Just one more toke

Of this DMT

Experienced oneness and extasy

And the Source of creation

All is mind and vibration

As above, so below

On all cows, farmers and farms, the winds blow

She was a cow

Fell in love with a sow

Their love crossed species

They have different faeces

Eat different food

They can’t have a brood

But they’re great friends

Cow and Pig lesbians

Who both love to fart

Plus eat mushrooms and create art.

Somehow I manage to keep up my writing of poetry regardless of the fact that I am running the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame full time. This includes my weekly “Chillin’ Tuesday Poetcast” and Wednesday Words Open Mic where new poets are always welcome. See the the YouTube channel for the Australian poetry Hall of Fame.

Wednesday Words Open Mic Night is every week at the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame and walk ups and new poets and readers are always welcome.

We are currently experiencing Guyra’s Lamb and Potato Festival for 2023 and every day I am also doing a poetry show at 2pm.


The Zen and Tao of Poetry

One try and Zen? Tao Teh Ching

Lately I’ve been feeling an increase in energy by focusing more consciously on my health and also increasing the flow of my Qi. I love sitting in the sun stretching, breathing deep, doing yoga, also stretching in the morning after sleep. Upon waking in the morning read a verse of Tao Teh Ching, channel my Qi by combining my soul and spirit for balance and wellbeing. Drink rainwater, flow, don’t cut my hair, inhale deep, hold then blow, exhale all my air, ground to earth, create inner fire, lighten, let go but always aspire to be stronger, fitter, joyful, faster, personally develop, become a self master. Water, fire, earth, metal, wood, ether everywhere, as even in the darkest night, the universe is connected in networks of ultraviolet light, now it’s time to share the recent poetry that I write.

The below selection of my recent poetry highlights that I’ve been revisiting the spiritual philosophy of Lao Tzu and the Tao Teh Ching. However, I was recently having a break and met a guy who had recently finished his thesis in poetry and surrealism. This has inspired me to also embrace the surrealism aspects of automatic writing and nonsensical juxtaposition which you’ll certainly find in the final poem below.


Someone needs to hear it
Maybe many, maybe few,
I haven’t reached my full potential
There’s more potential in you

In this world we become
What about us we believe
Think you’re smart or dumb
That’s what you’ll achieve

You’ve dreams, take action
Set a goal, make a plan
Take a step and make traction
To be a conscious human

Focus on your purpose
See what you’ll create
You get what you deserve
You deserve a life that’s great

You haven’t reached your full potential
Neither have I
This is elemental
You will fly before you die

Climb a mountain or a hill
Finish off your book
It only take your will
In the mirror you can look

Self reflect, don’t hide
Follow all your dreams
Go on a long train ride
Or lead a camel team

Someone needs to hear it
There’s more that you must do
Time to raise your spirit
Do what you’d love to do.

I’ll say it one more time
It is elemental
Everything will be fine
You have much potential.


We must be
Born of the Earth
Our home from our birth
We know no other place than here
Back to earth at the end
Just like you my friend
We all disappear
Into dust

We breathe
Inhale the air
Surrounding us
Infinite Source everywhere
With the greatest of ease
Exhaling the air
We breathe.

We flow
As rivers snake
Never grasping, let go
As the rain falls give thanks
Once dry beds now flow over banks
Water is life of everyone we know
An ocean, the seas, lake
Waters flow
Rain, hail

To burn
Unmitigated lust
Spontaneously combust
Erupt, burst into flames
Another name
For a flame
Red head

Do I ever feel you?
Sense you, taste you, smell you
I can’t show you
But know you


Improve……. Poetry delivery

Interupt…….. Anger
Impregnate…… Mom….ents
Self reflection.

Pauses… Assist in the course of nature but…
Never……. Interfere in it.

A pause….is……never really there
A pause is……..

Tao koan choZen

Know no good, know no bad
It is what it is neither happy nor sad

When the mystic masculine Yang
Knows the mystic feminine Yin
Begets the childish Innocence
Of Tao Teh Ching

The whole universe is between white and black
Obscurity in Fame, glory in humility
At the end each road begins a new track
All roads are connected in a network of Unity

Umbrellas do more than stop the rain
Breathing deeply increases Qi
The righteous never feign
Source is infinite energy

I cannot change the world
to conquer it as I see fit
The world would be spoiled
It’s not my business to change it

Some things happen slowly and others faster.
Some are vegan, or eat meat, bread and pasta
There’s tall, short, in between, trains late at the station
letting what you can’t control affect you causes anger and frustration

Water has no hands
Water must flow
It doesn’t hold the banks
Let the dam water go

The scholar learns more in everyway
Give me less knowledge but more serenity each day.
If I need to wait in line, please put me last
So that I can experience life as vast

The important part of each cup is where there is nothing
The important part of a home is where there is nothing
The important part of a door is where there is nothing
The important part of a shirt is where there is nothing.

Everything in nothing and nothing in everything.

Air Bender

There’s a Divine Energy that flows though you and me
That with consistent dedication and focus you can raise and it’s called Qi
It comes from a geometric connected field all around, is a Source
That animates all living things and provides life with a Force
It is an internal lightning and you can move it up and down
Absorb it from the Quantum field, send it flying all around
Learn meditation, breathing, get ligthe, flexible and light
As a Master Energy Bender you’ll spark up in the night
Then you can have access to the Source that gives Energy to me
Unblock, focus and raise, send sparks of lightning called Qi.

My personal surrealism revival

A fish and a frog, pig and a bulldog
Lived in a giant Gourd with both water and air
Each day the fish asked the dog, “may I plait your hair?”
The bulldog replied, with iths eyes agog,
“my hair isn’t long enough because I’m a bulldog”

The frog hopped off to the butcher shop and ordered a bone
Then the Pig began to eat a taxi driver’s hat
There was a knock at the gourd door and in walked a cat
That just started taking selfies with all the other animals smartphones
Then proceeded to lay out a barrier of traffic control cones.

The two suns became one and then split into three
The moon had absolutely no idea where to go
In the hottest part of the Sahara it began to snow
Here’s me with a Coke bottle lid flying over the ocean free
Needing $1 million to stop the monster eating 11 year old me.

Approaching the giant gourd OMG was all I could say
As an automatic landing pad appeared
To see if this was real I pitched myself, pulled my beard
I’m in a lucid dream, I’m sleeping but in a landing bay
So I materialized a Psytrance DJ and we danced for a night and day

A fish, frog, pig, bulldog, cat, DJ, also me
Called all of our friends and invited them to a dance
There were all kinds of animals and people wearing psychedelic pants
When the dance was over we flew home across the sea
You might Not believe it but I dream surreal and lucidly

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Acres of Diamonds

There is an African parable about a farmer who sells his farm to go searching for diamonds which he never finds meanwhile the man who bought his farm find diamonds on the very farm that the first man sold.

There's a little patch of calm in an ocean of panic
Selling off the family farm our farmer is a tragic
He going on a search for a diamond studded land
When he finds his fortune, won't his life be grand?
Searching high and low will he ever find his treasure? 
One day will he  know a life of wealth and pleasure?
Trodding up and down on the search for Easy Street
He's a desk jockey and clown, the betting house his beat
Why he sold the farm many thought he was insane
Depressed and without charm, going down the drain
Never found his fortune, he's going off his head
Life never played his tune, and he ended up dead
In an Ocean of panic there's a little patch of calm
Where Farmer Obananic bears the work of his new bought farm
Working hard, tills the field and carries water from the creek
So he gets a good crop yield and just the other week
He was walking in the creek and found a shiny rock
He forgot it for a week because he stored it in his sock
But he showed it to a friend who told him what he found
The farm he bought had acres of diamonds lying round.
So the moral of the story, just stop and look around 
You may just have a priceless antique sitting on the ground
And even better you've the brains to do what's in your head
Find your little patch of calm and don't panic or be dead
You've everything you need to create a life of thrival
Or you can look externally and live life in survival
Chasing rainbow ends, find hail and slime on
Or STOP. Look around you're sitting on diamonds. 

I heard this story earlier in the week and decided to rewrite it in poetry rhyming couplet form. I have been also contemplating how this story might apply to my life. What diamonds am I sitting on? Rare books? Antiques?

AhHa! My unpublished poetry? My unpublished children’s books like Happy Harry Koala? The Australian Poetry Hall of Fame? All the above and more. Yes it is true, which makes me think “I’d better create some products from my writing and art. I’m sitting on acres of diamonds”

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Creators create beauty that is great

“I am a creator, I am creative, creating is how us creative creators live.

Creative creators live and love to create artistic expressions of beauty that’s great,

Creative creators lift cultures up higher with cultural evolution that they inspire

Creator open our hearts and fill them with love inspired by love and also from above” Thundercloud Repairian Quotes

Thundercloud at Wednesday Words Open Mic night in front of the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame mural by Tony Amaral

I will be the first to admit that I am a creative creator. Whether it is poetry, writing, art, sculpture, cooking or “whatever,” I love doing it. My current BIG creation is the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame in Guyra. It is a multifaceted project with a cafe, a Poet’s Hall of Fame, an art gallery, and more. It is like having a giant working studio in a theatre. For example yesterday I wrote a piece of poetry, wrote a blog post, painted some of the mural on the stage, cooked pumpkin soup and bread, did some graphic design. At the end of the day I recorded 54 minutes of poetry to facebook and then uploaded it to Youtube. That reminds me of what this blog post is about…….Creating.

I opened the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame in Guyra in March 2020 on the first day of COVID-19 lockdown so I quickly had to reevaluate my business plan which had included many live events. In June 2020, I began the Guyra Farmers and Craft Market at the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame providing an outlet for local artisans and crafty people to sell their wares. I also began weekly, Wednesday Words Open Mic Poetry Night. There were nights during lockdown in 2021 where I was the only one in attendance so I began broadcasting it on Facebook live. My good friend and patron Gladys Wilson has been a major supporter of the open mic night and also the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame in general. From Gladys, my first follower, I have grown a group of more than a dozen regular poets attending the open mic night. Now Wednesday Words Open Mic Poetry night has followers all around the world who tune in to the live Facebook broadcast or who catch up once it is uploaded to Youtube.

The most rewarding part of this creation is that I have inspired new people to create, not only poetry but also art and by stocking the only art supplies in Guyra, I am also enabling creators. Gladys Wilson has now written over 12 pieces of poetry, Doug Scott has begun writing and Gabriel Donleavy said that he has now been inspired to write more.

I am grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity to create but also the opportunity to facilitate and inspire other creators. As the economy becomes more and more robotised and mechanised the creative economy grows where people can make a living from their creations and innovations. We need creative people.